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Name: Robert MacLachlan Sex: male idno:106 L=N access=guest
Date of birth: 1838 xxx 00Location: Lochaber Bay, Quebec
Date of death:1893 Dec 04Location:Lochaber Bay, Quebec 
Buried at:Lochaber Bay Cemetery see: plot (opens new window)

Mother: Mary McDonald # Father: Robert McLachlan *#

Partner(s): add partner
Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *# From: 0 xxx 00 To: 0 xxx 00

Alexina (Zinnie) MacLachlan # Birth:1874 Nov 18 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
Peter Moore MacLachlan  Birth:1876 Feb 21 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
Mary Louise (Lou) MacLachlan  Birth:1879 Aug 15 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
Duncan William MacLachlan * Birth:1881 Oct 05 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
Elizabeth Florence (lizzie) MacLachlan  Birth:1884 Jul 10 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
John Gordon (Jack) MacLachlan  Birth:1886 Sep 04 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
Eva MacLachlan  Birth:1890 Feb 14 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
Robert (Bert) Caven MacLachlan * Birth:1892 Nov 26 Mother:Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *#
Notes:Caught a bad cold while serving on a jury in Hull and died .. pneumonia.
Three weeks after his death, his father, who was living with
them, died also!

All eight children came down with scarlet fever .. this info from Aunt Eva!

Robert was called to Hull, Quebec to serve in jury duty, caught pnemonia and died.

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