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Name: Janet (Jeanie) McCallum Sex: female idno:107 L=N access=guest
Date of birth: 1847 Nov 19Location: Lochaber Bay, Quebec
Date of death:1904 Mar 12Location:Lochaber Bay, Quebec 
Buried at:Lochaber Bay Cemetery see: plot (opens new window)

Mother: Elizabeth King *# Father: John McCallum *#

Partner(s): add partner
Robert MacLachlan *# From: 0 xxx 00 To: 0 xxx 00

Alexina (Zinnie) MacLachlan # Birth:1874 Nov 18 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#
Peter Moore MacLachlan  Birth:1876 Feb 21 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#
Mary Louise (Lou) MacLachlan  Birth:1879 Aug 15 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#
Duncan William MacLachlan * Birth:1881 Oct 05 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#
Elizabeth Florence (lizzie) MacLachlan  Birth:1884 Jul 10 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#
John Gordon (Jack) MacLachlan  Birth:1886 Sep 04 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#
Eva MacLachlan  Birth:1890 Feb 14 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#
Robert (Bert) Caven MacLachlan * Birth:1892 Nov 26 Father:Robert MacLachlan *#

Robert Maclachlan (DW's father and mother) and Janet Macallum

D W was 12 when father died

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