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Name: Robert McLachlan Sex: male idno: 108 L=N access=guest D12
Date of birth: 1800 xxx 00Location: Ross Mull, Argyllshire, Scotland 
Date of death:1894 Jan 13Location:Lochaber Bay, Quebec 
Buried at:Lochaber Bay Cemetery see: plot (opens new window)
Mother: Marion McKechnie * Father: John MacLachlan *
Mary McDonald # From: 1823 xxx 00 
John MacLachlan # Birth: 1824 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Sarah MacLachlan # Birth: 1825 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Mary MacLachlan # Birth: 1830 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Peter MacLachlan +# Birth: 1835 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Malcolm McLachlan *# Birth: 1835 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Robert MacLachlan *# Birth: 1838 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Christina MacLachlan  Birth: 1840 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Annie MacLachlan # Birth: 1842 xxx 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Jessie MacLachlan +# Birth: 1845 Jun 26 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Margaret MacLachlan  Birth: 1847 Apr 00 Mother:Mary McDonald #
Notes: A blacksmith in Ardachy (Ross Mull) when he was married in 1823. One of many McLachlans who were blacksmiths in Mull.
Emigrated to Canada about 1831 with his father, John.

From Angus:
A blacksmith by trade after leaving Mull worked as a ships blacksmith at Gourock on the Clyde then emigrated to Bredalbane, Glengarry county staying there some years before settling at Lochaber Bay as a blacksmith and settler. On one trip to Montreal for supplies he met his brother Sandy then in port.


A well-documented Mull family of blacksmiths are represented in a part of Quebec province very close to the Canadian capital on the north bank of the Ottawa River around Buckingham. Robert McLachlan, born in 1800, married Mary McDonald and took her to this area known as Lochaber Bay, nowhere near the sea. He lived until 1893 and they had ten children all of whom married. His younger brother Donald continued to serve the population of the west of Mull and on Iona as the local smith and married Mary’s sister Annabella. Their skill and industry supported long lives and a large surviving families. McLachlans were to be found throughout Ontaria, the province expanding as the urge to migrate from Europe grew, particularly from Scotland. At one time in Middlesex County, not a coincidence that it now includes the city of London on the River Thames, there were more inhabitants born in Scotland than in Canada. The children of many moved further west into Canada as ‘new’ territory was settled but as many moved into the United States, mostly into Michigan State where there was plenty of good farm land and industry at the entry point of Detroit.
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01.00 pic1.jpg Robert McLachlan
open story 15 Settlers of Lochaber, Quebec by Buckingham Post, Sept 10, 1937

Robert McLachlan

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