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Name: John McCallum Sex: male idno: 265 L=N access=guest F7
Date of birth: 1801 xxx 00Location:  
Date of death:1882 Oct 09Location: 
Buried at:Lochaber Bay Cemetery see: plot (opens new window)
Mother: Catherine McGillvray # Father: Alexander McCallum *#
Margaret McDonald  From: 1826 Dec 29 
Elizabeth King *# From: 1836 Feb 02 
Flora McCallum  Birth: 1824 Dec 04 Mother:Margaret McDonald 
Mary McCallum # Birth: 1832 xxx 00 Mother:Margaret McDonald 
John Alexander McCallum  Birth: 1833 Mar 12 Mother:Margaret McDonald 
Margaret (Peggy) McCallum  Birth: 1837 xxx 00 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
Duncan McCallum  Birth: 1839 xxx 00 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
Alex McCallum  Birth: 1841 xxx 00 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
Catherine McCallum  Birth: 1843 xxx 00 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
James McCallum * Birth: 1845 Oct 10 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
Janet (Jeanie) McCallum *# Birth: 1847 Nov 19 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
Elizabeth Ann (Elisa) McCallum # Birth: 1850 Apr 04 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
Christina McCallum # Birth: 1853 xxx 00 Mother:Elizabeth King *#
Notes: Elizabeth was second wife.
Picture from Harley Cummings Book: Tail of two Families

From Angus:

Married at Gourock.

Two of John's sisters (Mary and Flora) were drowned at sea.

The MacLachlans and MacEacherns emigrated together.

On their first visit to Lochaber on entering the bay from the Ottawa they saw a gathering of people on the Bay Hill (at Campbell's) and on reaching shore found it was the burial of their sister Mrs. John MacCallum.

Additional Resource: Marney MacDonald - huge effort documenting references to validate many of the dates!
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