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Name: Jane McDermid Sex: female idno:2719 L=N access=guest
Date of birth: 1837 May 28Location: Silver Creek, PQ
Date of death:1912 Apr 04Location:Buckingham, PQ 

Mother: (not in Database) Father: (not in Database)

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John MacEachern  From: 1862 Nov 11 To: 0 xxx 00

Duncan MacEachern  Birth:1863 Oct 17 Father:John MacEachern 
John MacEachern  Birth:1867 xxx 00 Father:John MacEachern 
Elizabeth MacEachern  Birth:1868 xxx 00 Father:John MacEachern 
Donald Alexander MacEachern  Birth:1871 Oct 22 Father:John MacEachern 
Marion MacEachern  Birth:1874 Jun 09 Father:John MacEachern 
Christina MacEachern  Birth:1877 Mar 30 Father:John MacEachern 
Margaret MacEachern  Birth:1881 xxx 00 Father:John MacEachern 

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