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Name: Duncan MacEachern Sex: male idno:2754 L=N access=guest
Date of birth: 1846 xxx 00Location: Quebec

Mother: Marion McDonald # Father: Duncan MacEachern #

Partner(s): add partner
Grace McCallum  From: 0 xxx 00 To: 0 xxx 00

Romeo H MacEachern  Birth:1868 xxx 00 Mother:Grace McCallum 
Marion MacEachern  Birth:1869 Nov 18 Mother:Grace McCallum 
Malcom A MacEachern  Birth:1872 Feb 19 Mother:Grace McCallum 
Margaret Mary Ann MacEachern  Birth:1874 Feb 28 Mother:Grace McCallum 
Georgie Grace MacEachern  Birth:1876 Mar 06 Mother:Grace McCallum 
Duncan Thomas MacEachern  Birth:1877 Dec 08 Mother:Grace McCallum 
Edwin George D MacEachern  Birth:1879 Dec 11 Mother:Grace McCallum 
Notes:Duncan was a clergyman. Lived in Park Hill and had 7 children.

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