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Name: Elizabeth McKinlay Sex: female idno:2763 L=N access=guest
Date of birth: 1839 xxx 00Location: date aprox.
Date of death:1879 Apr 14Location: 
Buried at:Lochaber Bay Cemetery see: plot (opens new window)

Mother: (not in Database) Father: (not in Database)

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Alexander Fletcher MacEachern # From: 0 xxx 00 To: 0 xxx 00

Robert Campbell MacEachern  Birth:1875 May 15 Father:Alexander Fletcher MacEachern #
Elizabeth MacEachern  Birth:1878 xxx 00 Father:Alexander Fletcher MacEachern #
Alex MacEachern # Birth:1879 xxx 00 Father:Alexander Fletcher MacEachern #
Notes:Headstone says:

wife of Alex/R F. MacEachern
Native of Michigan, US.

The headstone is in close proximity to Alexander Fletcher MacEachern.

The dates suggest a 1st wife who died perhaps by childbirth perhaps to Alex? That would make her mother of first 3 children.

http://www.rootsofeoghann.com confirms this.

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