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Name: John Peter McLachlan Sex: male idno:353 L=N access=guest
Date of birth: 1876 Jan 18Location: Lochaber Bay, Que
Date of death:1929 Feb 03Location: 
Buried at:Lochaber Bay Cemetery see: plot (opens new window)

Mother: Sarah Campbell # Father: Malcolm McLachlan *#

Partner(s): add partner
Lizzie Pearl Lamb *# From: 1914 Jun 30 To: 0 xxx 00

Donald Campbell McLachlan # Birth:1915 May 06 Mother:Lizzie Pearl Lamb *#
Harold John McLachlan  Birth:1917 Jun 08 Mother:Lizzie Pearl Lamb *#
Evelyn P McLachlan  Birth:1921 Jul 07 Mother:Lizzie Pearl Lamb *#
William (Bill) Warren McLachlan *# Birth:1923 Aug 02 Mother:Lizzie Pearl Lamb *#
Malcolm James (Ted) MacLachlan  Birth:1928 Mar 01 Mother:Lizzie Pearl Lamb *#
Notes:Known as Jack
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