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Name: Robert Campbell MacEachern Sex: male idno:366 L=N access=guest
Date of birth: 1875 May 15Location: Lochaber Bay, Que.
Date of death:1925 Nov 17Location:Cumberland, Ontario 

Mother: Elizabeth McKinlay # Father: Alexander Fletcher MacEachern #

Partner(s): add partner
Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan  From: 1901 Sep 17 To: 0 xxx 00

Bertha May MacEachern  Birth:1903 Aug 00 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Malcolm (Mark) MacEachern  Birth:1905 May 00 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Neil MacEachern  Birth:1908 xxx 00 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Georgina MacEachern  Birth:1910 May 08 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
John Wallace MacEachern  Birth:1911 Nov 11 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Infant MacEachern  Birth:1911 Nov 21 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Florence Jemima MacEachern  Birth:1916 Jun 25 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Ralph MacEachern  Birth:1919 xxx 00 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Keith MacEachern  Birth:1921 Nov 01 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Evelyn MacEachern  Birth:1923 xxx 00 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Donald Newton  Birth:1925 Aug 25 Mother:Jemima (Mima) MacLachlan 
Notes:It appears from: https://maceachernfamily.info/quebec.html that Fletcher A MacEachern was a brother of Robert. It was the Fletcher farm where the 1902 old boys reunion was held according to Angus C MacLachlan and his book 'My Well Loved Country home'.

Birth/Death dates from machernfamily.info.

Robert was a farmer in Cumberland Township.

Roots of Eoghann records 2 other infants:
Mil McEackern 1905-1908
Sioyina McEackern 1909-1910

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